17 thoughts on “WSOP 2013 – Main Event Final Table Part 3 World Series of Poker 2013 (LIVE)”

  1. helmuth should get some small animal with sharp teeth to chew that huge
    growth off his face….

  2. Who cares what this fucker clown think??
    If he would be so good he would be playing the november nine not talking

  3. fucking typical racist american media, stop fucking pimping the guy from
    texas like he is a god or something. And now showing us “backflips” and
    shit to make us like him.
    Hes the worst player at the table and all you talk about is him.
    Is it too “unamerican” to compliment the Vietnamese guy or the European
    guys a little ?

    I Spit on your behavior!! TFUUU!

  4. Mark wants to sleep so bad, his eyes turned to pillows. On the topic of
    eyes, Phils eye roll is classic lol

  5. Wtf is that range analysis shit? So he has a straight/flush 0% of the time
    even though he can check his entire range on the flop?

    head assplode

    thanks for the uploads!

  6. Hellmuth is such an idiot. Why does he refer to chips as dollars all the
    time?? He wasn’t all in for $8M, that’s just less than the winner’s
    cheque. They’re chips donut.

  7. That is one awesone range analysis! 53% 2 pairs, 34% 1 pair, 13% Air.
    So if my mahs are right McLaughlin having a set is 0%?
    Must be a cheater then…

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