25 thoughts on “WSOP 2013 E19 – Main Event Day 7 World Series of Poker 2013

  1. Props to JC but it’s not such a super tough call to make the way the hand
    played out. I made similar calls, although in much much much cheaper and
    less significant tournaments. The overbet and his overconfidence would
    raise major flags. 

  2. loosli is so fuckin lucky too.. i’m not saying that he’s a bad player.. but
    he’s in this stage with this big stack because of his lucky.. everything
    working for him.. unbelievable.. mortensen trying to bluff.. a set on the
    river.. when he has aces the short stack shoves.. too much luck

  3. omfg.. we know that poker has some porcentage of luck.. but porter reaching
    this stage is so fuckin ridiculous.. taking out a lot of good players.. and
    playing very bad.. a bunch of wrong decisions.. fuckin fat guy

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