25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012 – Main Event Final Table Part 7 World Series of Poker 2012 (LIVE)”

  1. That Olivier dude is really bad. He’s talking about this as though it were
    a cash game HU match. If it were, than yeah of course Jesse would call
    given effective stacks and how much was already in the middle. It would be
    But this is a tournament. The payout difference is 3 million dollars.
    Pursuing these kinds of marginal EV situations in this kind of scenario is
    marginally cEV+ but they are ridiculously EV-. He threw away 3 million
    And he clearly would not have called if he could see Merson’s cards,
    because unlike Olivier, I am certain that Jesse knows that. And I’m certain
    that Vanessa Selbst talked about it extensively. That’s why she was so
    shocked that he called.
    He most likely called because he though the same thing Antonio did at
    first, that it would be a coin flip. Given that he was shoving as a
    semi-bluff, he could even be shoving something like 8Ts, or 56s or
    something like that. He happened to have K5s instead, which is the exact
    same type of hand.
    His call was bad. He didn’t think it through. He was probably tired. But
    Olivier’s reasoning was a lot worse.

  2. Study men from Maryland….specially from P.G. county. Very intergrated
    state. We got it all including mad swag. 🙂

  3. All 3 played great. Been a fan of poker since I was about 7 yrs old and
    this is right up there in quality to watch.

  4. Wow, that handwriting of Sylvia looks like that of a retard. Amazing that
    he plays poker so well hey..

  5. i hate olivier busquet telling merson to thin k about it. He owns ur ass in
    every aspect of the game you dont got shit too tell him, esfandiary either
    but at least hes got some bracelets.

  6. ” La chatte ” comme on dit ça gagne pas tout le temps! 😉 Bravo GREG

  7. The difference is that Merson is the chip leader and wasn’t calling off his
    tournament with a marginal hand. You can bluff with anything, and the best
    usually do. I credit Sylvia for a very gutsy call and for reading Merson as
    weak, but the bottom line is that he called off his chips with bad pot odds
    and was still a minor underdog.

  8. awsome fu cker , 8 millions i wouldnt study , i would be partying and
    buying cars aahha

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