25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012 E24 – Main Event Day 7 World Series of Poker 2012

  1. 19:37 THAT tongue flip after Merson won hude pot – “oh boy if Merson wins
    this event, I’m gonna blow him like crazy!”

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  3. I am sure Laak and Esfandiari would call in Harig spot using logic too :-DD
    The best hand Merson could have was pocket jacks. Q10 well hidden.

  4. Please explain, balkin had 1 out – the ace, but if the ace came out then
    his opponent would have got an 8 over ace full house so balkin would have
    lost ? So how is that an out?

  5. glad i quit poker 6 months aGO, finally its 90% skills and 10% luck. by the
    way norman is amazing and kara is a twat :).

  6. They let you know that they’re taking one out of every 20 pots in the cash
    games (5%) and $1 for every 10 spent in sit and go’s.

  7. I love how Abrams trys to make Gee look stupid for spotting the dealer
    error and then gets WHACKED that hand lolkharmaments

  8. WTF is Harig doing..and last episode he had a straight flush and scared 2
    other people out of the pot with poor betting..

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