25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012 E17 – Main Event Day 6 World Series of Poker 2012”

  1. 36:12 Vanessa can do one. If that was her in that situation she’d be
    whining like a little bitch. Pfffft.

  2. Holy shit Don! How many world series cashes is your dog up to? I’m guessing
    the same amount as you. But here you are tucked safely away behind your
    keyboard criticizing the pros. If Selbst outlasted 99% of the field,
    something must be working for her and she must have at least some poker
    instincts or she’d have been caught and paid for it long ago. I’m sure any
    idiot (even you) could see that. Play the player, not the cards. Poker
    isn’t all about percentages.

  3. Selbst plays like a reaaaaal donkey 😀 She is jus t-r-a-g-i-c. She is just
    fucking luckbox and she even can’t take advantage of it. Ridicolous.

  4. Because she is overagressive stupid cunt. She just can’t play poker that’s
    all. It’s nothing strange to put your chips in if you feel the guy has
    underpair BUT you has to have the feeling you are going to catch your pair
    or it’s safe for you. But she never has feeling about the flop and she
    almost never lays down top 10% hand. Even if Ferguson would 4-bet her she
    still would call with AJ off…

  5. Selbst is just fucking terrible. Even my dog plays better. I don’t say duke
    is good because she isn’t but comparing her to Selbst is just unfunny joke.

  6. When u call woman bitches and hoes for having tons of chips when the
    announcers/directors are making a big deal out of it and not the actual
    woman then thats almost like calling me a name. I get your point about
    aggrandizing stuff. Also I dont play on a site anymore, I play live poker.I
    never really cared for online poker anyways.Lastly playing you to prove a
    point on who is better is a cock fight never the less which i dont do.Im
    done,next time speak civil instead of using words like bitches.

  7. You see the cards these bitches be hitting? And they making it seem like
    these hoes are playing like chip reese

  8. You see the EDITED VERSION of the show and see only the BIG hands yet you
    comment oh I seen their big hands so i know how they played…. Chocochip
    you do know that what you just watched is EDITED showing mostly only the
    big hands or exciting hands, etc but what youtube pros like yourself dont
    know is, most of “POKER playing” are boring grinding hands which is edited
    out for tv viewing…. But you already know that right??? You are naturally
    a poker pro on youtube… how much have u made?

  9. I don’t recall calling you any names first, second any poker playing female
    is capable of accomplishing what any man can women aren’t handicapped, when
    you aggrandize anything they do at the tables it make them seem inferior,
    you all for womens rights you should see that….what site you play on we
    can settle this i’ll find you

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