25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012 E07 – Main Event Day 3 World Series of Poker 2012”

  1. Everyone is waiting for Negraneu to announce he is gay too. It’s funny
    really, everyone knows he is gay, he isn’t fooling anyone. I mean, come on,
    Daniel is one of the gayest guys I have ever seen.

  2. I hope you get sent to prison and get gang raped over and over and over and
    over you fucking asshole bigot piece of shit.

  3. Dentale is a loser, cry when someone outplays him and you doens´t hear him
    with that major suck out.

  4. agreed, loved him in the usual suspects but tbh i bet 80% of people dont
    even recognise him and he acts like he’s A list

  5. Best thing to do is not watch any of his movies. I mean he’s in Willow and
    Usual Suspects, both GREAT flicks, but you probably shouldn’t watch
    them…might find Pollack funny.

  6. I’d rather have a beer with Deeb’s grandma OR Kevin Pollak than with Erick
    Lindgren… at least they wouldn’t stiff you when the check came.

  7. Jason Somerville actually just came out and said he was gay as well…. : /
    not that I care… just saying.

  8. Anyone else missing this: “THIS IS THE GREATEST POKER TOURNAMENT IN THE
    WOOOOORLD” “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE” “This is beyond fairytale, it’s

  9. I doubt that. The way they do it now, they dont even record many hands not
    at the feature tables until a person gets all in

  10. cause u havent done aything about it ? stop complain and appreciate that
    some1 puts in an effort to make other ppls happy.

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