25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012 E03 – National Championship World Series of Poker 2012”

  1. that line with AT is just amazing, I mean flop AKX with two diamonds, A and
    a flush draw and opponent bets, RAISE? WHYYY? turn we make two pair and
    still have a flush draw opponent bets LMAO!!! WHY RAISE? CALL!!! river a
    blank, DONKKKKKK so u bettting raise this biatch!!! he calls and LOL for
    her. great line tho, best line that worst can call, any AQ, AJ, KT prolly
    plays and call river too.Good girl

  2. Norman has been commentating wsop since 2003.. You’re thinking of high
    stakes poker where you’ll find Gabe and A.J. And no, Norm is funny as fuck.

  3. If U actually listen to commentary they explain that his parents moved to
    Norway from Vietnam and he was born there. They then moved to the U.S.

  4. Actually its because only a set beats him in that spot. The flush didn’t
    get there and the straight possibilities were highly unlikely because of
    the way she played it. If he raised there he could have gotten paid off by
    any other two pair or even AQ AJ.

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