25 thoughts on “Worst Mistake In Poker!!!

  1. What? Why the fuck is checking back the nuts against the rules that’s
    fucking stupid. The guy can play however the fuck he wants I don’t see
    what’s so wrong with it.

  2. if it was heads up then there would of been no penalty obviously. its in
    the interest of the 3rd player not in the pot as the guy on river who
    checked the nuts could be helping the other guy save chips by not betting.
    yes it was obvious mistake and he clearly wasnt cheating but rules are
    rules. on the other hand you could argue that you should be able to play
    whatever hand however you want too. online this doesnt happen you can check
    the nuts when you want if you have friends sitting at your table and your
    working together as a team :)

  3. you should be able to do what you want. I know it was a mistake but so
    what. fuckin stupid rule.

  4. Dumb ass title – the worst mistake is calling of all your chips with the
    second nut. This is a mistake anyone could make after playing for 10 hours.
    If you have never played for ten to twenty hours straight shut the fuck up
    and go back to watching poker on ESPN.

  5. @Crunchytortoise

    Stupid rule if that’s the reason. He could just raise a very small amount.
    And still be in “cahoots” with a player. 

  6. It would have been, if he didn’t end up winning. Honest mistake. It
    happens. Online FTW. 

  7. weird spot for him to not know he had a flush, considering he flopped a nut
    flush draw I wonder if he misread his hold cards, or misread the board

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