24 thoughts on “World Series Poker Addiction, Gambling

  1. “nothing to do with the accumulation of money” … This guy does not have
    an accurate view of gambling. For some, it is all about the money. Yes,
    there are other issues, but you cannot say money has nothing to do with it.

  2. Good points. Who is gonna be on their death bed saying “I wish I would have
    made a little more money”.

  3. You dont need to teach people not to gamble, you need to teach them how to
    bankroll manage, and look for an edge. i’ve played poker professionally for
    3 years now. i played for 1 year before that and just lost consistantly.
    Then something clicked… look for the edge. i found it, i realised i had
    to win 70% of my heads up games to beat the rake (the house tax). and to
    make near sure i didnt bust, i needed 100 buy ins… see next comment.

  4. I knew that with $1.60 rake per $15 game i play, means that they take just
    under 11%. my profit per game will be $12.80 ( the other player must pay
    rake also ) each game took me 10 minutes, my edge nowdays is 80%, with a
    $27.80 prize, 80% will be $22.24. Therefore, on average, $43.44/hour, i
    tend to play 4 days a week for 8 hours each day. my first year was very
    tough though, i only made about $21K, which was hard to live on. nowdays,
    because of shere commitment to improving, i make about $65K

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