15 thoughts on “World Series of Poker poker chip damage test”

  1. Hi. I am in the process of buying my own set of poker chips, about 1000 set
    actually. i just wanted to say thank you for these videos and i respect you
    helping with them. About buying, what kind of chips do you reccomend me
    getting. I’m thinking of getting clay chips. I heard 11.5 gram composite
    and nexgens are good too. What do you reccomend?

  2. Sorry, i dont mean to be rude or anything but, why have have you made
    videos of you taking apart pokerchips?

  3. these look similar to the dice chips. are they the same weight? these wsop
    chips are pretty hard to find for some reason. i’ve looked through ebay and
    all i find are 4 and 5 piece sample sets. i even checked wsop dot com and

  4. @checkfoldcallraise the ones on ebay are real chips used at the wsop. if
    you want these go on amazon and search ‘wsop chips excalibur’

  5. um… more money and well 13.5 gram is like ulto-pro! lol. i would recamend
    11.5 gram like i said before but you can choose!

  6. @checkfoldcallraise also there is a different set at pokernstuff that seems
    to be clay all the way through.

  7. depends on what type of poker player you are. are you a pro, tournament
    player, casino player, or social. I recamend the pro which is 11.5 gram.
    your disison. the tournament and casino’s are both 8 grams, only tournament
    has two colors, and casino only has one. social is 2 grams plastic so no.

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