21 thoughts on “World Poker Tour 2×04 Five Diamond World Poker Classic

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  2. I truly believe 99% of poker players have never read a poker book,they
    watch these shows and learn from Mike and Vince and possibly make final
    tables,its amazing,there is no other game where you can win millions from
    learning a couple of moves,lol.

  3. Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten are great analysts for all the levels of
    poker viewers….Successful contenders themselves these guys are precise
    and entertaining and narrate in articulate pokers;explaining things for the
    novice as they go……Could’nt be any better !

  4. Dewey… What a boring player The guy is nearly invisible 90% of the match
    and when it’s heads up his only trick is all in till he busts.

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  7. wuhu i have no doubt that is one of the best ive seen im definately not
    going to miss another

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