19 thoughts on “Vinyl Burns Poker Tips, Lesson #11: Sleep Psychology

  1. Come on people, its silly comedy but it should at least make a small
    giggle. Where is your sense of humour, damn!

  2. what a funny man he is my poker idol haha the tilt is the best video of his
    i have ever seen but he has so much strategy behind what he is teaching us
    its not funny. u have to use your brain aswell as doing what he teaches
    remember he is only guideing us

  3. the ones for wgom this video is not funny have absolutely no sense of
    humor.this dude is insanely funny :DDD

  4. Superb lessons, I was loosing player before I found these, now Im superpro
    and all the guys in casinos know who I am and give me respect!

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