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  1. So can someone tell me how much money you win on a 99% return? How much
    money can someone win in 10 min if they played it right?

  2. thanks that is good advice.Also the main reason I have not played yet in a
    casino. I’ll probably stick with my plan and play Blackjack only. I know
    how to play and know the basic strategy, 

  3. I want to try real poker. I have played with friends in friendly games. I
    have played video poker here in Oregon. True the real players will try to
    bluff. I’m going to mostly stick to what I know which is Blackjack, 

  4. very informative as I didn’t realize that the 9-6 is what to look for.
    I’ll be trying it out when I go to Vegas. I am going to try to learn some
    strategy. Isn’t it the same as if you were playing regular draw poker with
    cards and other players?

  5. Video Poker for Winners, featuring Bob Dancer, would probably be the game
    that most resembles the actual casino games. We sell that game, as well as
    two others, all at a discounted price on our web site at

  6. + free food, show tickets, promotions (free slot/video poker tournaments,
    free bingo, etc.) & free rooms.

  7. Yes, buy the “tutorial” computer program by Bob Dancer. You will be playing
    & learning how to play the exact same games in any casino.

  8. The art of “controlled dice throwing” is a subject of controversy because
    many people believe it can’t be done. I believe that is is possible, but it
    would be extremely difficult. Sort of like trying to be a major league
    baseball pitcher. How many people can do that? Only those who are gifted
    with extra special physical abilities and practice for many years.

  9. A few years back there was a show called “Breaking Vegas”. It featured true
    ‘scams’ that cleaned out casino money. One of them was a guy who had a dice
    throwing technique that really improved his odds. It won a ton! Like you,
    the casinos refused to believe anyone could control the throw. They let him
    play. It took a long time and a lot of loses to realize he could do it. He
    also taught others and together they made millions.

  10. Do you know any video poker games for home computer that are identical to
    the machines you recommend to look for in a casino ?


  12. As explained in the video, the game of video poker is very different than
    playing the lottery, which is simply a game of luck. Just as there are
    professional poker players, there are professional video poker players. The
    universe of professional VP players is much smaller, but they do exist. By
    only playing games with the best pay tables, using the proper strategies
    and taking advantage of good casino promotional programs there are players
    who can come out ahead in the long run.

  13. and how do you do when the mashine accept bets?, i mean, there are some
    video poker mashines that after you make whatever winning combinations then
    you could raise the bet until you get a lower card than the betting card.
    in this case, is it a pattern that i must have to follow or something in
    order to have much probability to get the higher card and win more money?

  14. i have played full-pay Deuces Wild at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas. The expected
    return on that game, with perfect play and maximum coins bet, is 100.76%.
    The game is also widely avalable at many Reno casinos.

  15. Have you ever gotten a Royal Flush (wildcard or no wildcard)? If not,
    what’s the best hand you’ve gotten?

  16. Mark my words: Want to get rich from slots and video games? There is only
    one true and sure way: Open a big casino. (or more) Other ways of making
    (some) money from slot machines would be: -Writing a book (or more) about
    them. -Selling charts and software about them. -…and, where legally
    possible, make commercials for them. (Big casino owners like advertising)
    Cheers. ;))

  17. Winning player at video poker? That’s dumb! It is just like a slot machine.
    The slots are programmed to give you combinations that win 1 credit very
    often, so is video poker, giving you one pair very often. Slots will rarely
    give you the jackpot, so is video poker, it will rarely give you a royal
    flush. I would say that maybe video poker would be better if only you could

  18. Glad to see that you like the video. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad
    information out on the internet about how slots and video poker games work.
    The information is in this video is factually correct and it can help you
    to become a better player in the casinos. Ideally, you want to get away
    from slots and only play video poker. The paybacks are much better on VP
    and, with practice, you can learn how to play your hands properly to
    achieve the highest payback percentages.

  19. You can “win” at this game, although you cannot realistically get rich
    doing it. Making perfect mathematical decisions (which a pro has memorized)
    will give an overall positive return. However, it is a small edge, and only
    after hours of play will it be realized. This is more of a way to enjoy
    gambling without losing money than use gambling as an enterprise.

  20. The casinos are not allowed to do that. In regulated gaming jurisdictions,
    the machines must use a 52-card deck (assuming no jokers). The only way
    they can lower the payback percentage is to pay you less when you get a
    particualr wining hand.

  21. I have gotten lots of royal flushes. About four months ago I was playing as
    a partner with my son and we got two royals within about 20 minutes at a
    local casino here in south Florida. A friend and I were playing as partners
    in Atlantic City when he got dealt a royal flush on a $1 machine. You
    should expect a royal, on average, about once every 40,000 hands.

  22. The secret is to cash in when you get three to five dollars ahead and
    ALWAYS cash in when you double your money. The cashiers will get real tired
    of you though.

  23. You are a smart gambler. Unfortunately, many players never take the time to
    learn which rules are best and the proper strategies for those games. Many
    think it is all luck. Some games are indeed all luck, but even in those
    games there are both good and bad bets. An example would be craps where a
    pass line bet has a casino advantage of around 1.4% while the any seven bet
    has a 16.7% advantage.

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