8 thoughts on “Understanding VP$IP

  1. I was so disgusted when I saw that douchebag Dr. Phil, and so glad when I
    found out it wasn`t him.

  2. I like all of your videos … but most of all I appreciate your subtle
    ,intelligent humor… makes me laugh most of the time!! thanks for all the
    training tips Marty….

  3. Good vid but very basic to most players. i think the 3bet/fold column is
    one that is overlooked or misunderstood to most players. It is an important
    one to know well because the players range maybe more wide than one would
    think, For example ….. give us a video : )

  4. Hi marty, Can you advice me where I can sell my tournament indicator
    license? I am no longer playing poker so I will not be using my tournament
    indicator anymore. I am ready to sell it half the original price. If anyone
    is interested shoot me a PM.

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