25 thoughts on “Tony G flops Royal Flush – Yuanda – ” I had trips ” POKER”

  1. Not exactly the most astounding read. 4 diamonds out there makes it easy to
    rep the flush, straight draws as well, Tony could have Ace queen, pretty
    standard really.

  2. actually not really (racist! 😉 ) … it’s more like this: here’s John
    Juana, a really good poker pro, he does a very EASY fold on the river —
    small pot, Tony G bets into 2 opponents when the board had turned a 4th
    diamond and the river paired — but he says something out loud that perhaps
    he was hoping would sound impressive. But it totally doesn’t. Clifs: Saying
    “I had trips” isn’t exactly a “whoa, look at what an amazingly good fold I
    just made!”

  3. Ive had 2 royal flushes in my life – both online. Ive had 2 live royal
    flushes against me (both flopped) – both of which I had A-9 offsuit and
    lead out 😐 – the 2nd one was against a drunk who thought my pair of aces
    was better …

  4. it showed in Tony G’s face that he had a huge hand … poor guy, he flops
    royal and sees no action

  5. I don’t get the meme because juanda isn’t proud that he had trips, he’s
    proud that he FOLDED trips.

  6. what up with Juanda saying he had trips – did he not get that Tony G had a
    royal flush

  7. @MichaelOretta7784 if juanda get a straigh flush, how the hell tony g send
    him home??? theres no way of both get straigh flush

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