16 thoughts on “Texas hold em Pro Tips Series”

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  2. Ita amazing how much you do for some easy money,, .. all that time and
    effort for a single youtube comment,, I refuse to believe that those 18
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  3. i wonder if he took into consideration the time it took dwan to make the
    reraise… Usually what they say is that if it takes a person a long time
    to think about the situation and then raises they have a strong hand. But
    with dwan could use that against him too … tricky tricky

  4. I think he did take the time into consideration, but fail to realize that
    Dawn had a higher straight. Any champion could have saw that he must have a
    higher straight after that reraise.

  5. ivey was stupid by raising all in… childish move there ivey!!! I’m not so
    pro but wouldn’t play it like that not even on 100$ pot… dwan is a lucky
    bastard damn how a small hand can turn world records !!!

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