25 thoughts on “Texas Hold em Poker Quick Tips”

  1. yeah im soo addicted to online poker, playing with real money actually
    makes you play properly. you dont need a credit card you can get $8 for
    free claim it here POK22.COM You think you’re being brave, you think you’re
    being sexy, you think you’re transcending feminism. But that’s bullshit. –
    Susan Brownmiller

  2. @learntoloose Im agreed with you, but maybe you need to play in $ 5-10
    stackes or high, in that kind of tables you dont see that stupid players.
    besides you must feel the table, is there maniacs? play thigh and wait for
    gooodddd hands and take all their chips, is there thigh players? play
    loose, imean 66-55-44-A2-KT and limp it being agressive….then your
    mathematics will give you good results but above all, be patient.

  3. @hqpmcgu i can play poker all night, i prefer to play with real money so
    its a proper game. you can get 5 pounds from this poker site claim it here
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  4. @jsetwvv i can play poker all night, i always start with a no deposit
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  5. Poker is a damn luck game. You can have sick dongswings…. really really
    sick downswings….. For example lose against a idiot who cant play 3 times
    in a row… in all hands he had a 4 percent winning chance… runner
    runner, hit his two outs and so on. And sometimes it never ends! So you can
    read books, play mahtematic correct and lose your whole bankroll. Just
    unlucky 😉

  6. the funny thing si in cash games the mug wins more money there hands are
    deceptive i had pocket kings once and got done with 2 pair 6 and 3

  7. i just got my mom to play poker today for the first time.she likes it but
    she lost of course. funny then is if any one could read me its my mom. so
    iam kind of scared for her to get better. LOL

  8. Mug means that player doesn’t show his/her cards when she/he have worser
    hand than winner.

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