25 thoughts on “SURICATE – Le Poker

  1. I think a language can be easier than another. For example, esperanto and
    German… For a french student, it needs 2000 hour to have a BAC Level in
    German, 1500 for english, 1000 for italian, and only 150 for esperanto..
    Excuse my bad english please…

  2. N’immmmmmmmporte quoi ! Où est-ce que t’es allé chercher ça ^^ ? ils
    auraient fait un truc plus ressemblant, si c’était le cas 🙂 Puis la Diva
    ne s’appelle pas Pauline…

  3. 1° An international language is the language of an economy dominating
    country 2° A language is not “easy” or “difficult” to learn. It depends on
    the person who learns it: for an Italian or a Brazilian French is more
    easy, for a German English is more easy. 3° French people, as well as the
    other, don’t live in boxes, they live in houses or flats. I’d like to know
    which country you belong to and how it is ranked in your IQ classification.

  4. If you could speak french and watch the videos which don’t have english
    subtitle, then I guess you’d do it more often 😉

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