25 thoughts on “Scroll Ceramic poker chips review

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    will definately get a six-hundred $ bonus

  2. No $5’s domination in your set ??? I only wish these were also made in
    perhaps $10s , $50s this domination very handy for tournaments !!! Also for
    cash games these start from 50cents , $1 which is b

  3. This is the hi limit set!!! you have the low limit set to. I do cash game
    whit my set 100$ = 10 cents, 25$= 25 cents, 500$= 50 cents, 1000$= 1$,
    5000$= 5$ 😉 I prefer the color of the hi limit set !!!

  4. These chips are 1 of best looking out there !!! They sound also beautifully
    !!! i am getting them soon oh yeah currantelly using Ace Casino chips
    really lookin forward to 10g chips !!! Nice review

  5. It look like that but it was not a stiker, it is the finition of the poker
    chips, it is a very hard material impossible to remove whitout breeking the
    chips. The nevada jack have the same but much thinner, do you know that
    ceramic chip was not only made with ceramic, like clay?

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but it looks like there is some sort of sticker
    mesh on the chips? On the front and back you can see it and the sound as
    well when you scratch, like a hard sricker/mesh on it. What is that for??

  7. It seems that they are indeed ceramic. They have awfully great sound…
    just love it. I’ve ordered a set of ceramic chips just to compare to my
    clay composites 🙂

  8. I’ve read on chiptalk.net that these chips are actually ABS plastic chips
    made in China… Are you sure these are truly ceramic? Do they compare in
    price to other ceramic chips?

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