Scott Clements Records Herald a Promising Career in Poker

Poker has undergone evolutionary and revolutionary changes since its advent centuries ago. Rarely have the international poker circuits been without a US player at the table.

The US boasts multifarious poker professionals who have enabled it to be the trailblazing leader in the casinos. One player that every fan would want to rub shoulders with is Scott Clements; he is currently based in Washington.

He rose to fame by winning multi-titles in the World Poker Tour as well as World Series of Poker events. A concerted terse analysis of his rich poker CV points towards a sanguine career in a lucrative industry where few withstand the rigorous demands of the game. Clements is a two-time winner of WSOP bracelets by emerging winner in the $3,000 Omaha High-Low event in 2006 plus a 5,000 USD pot-limit Omaha battle in the next year.

In the WSOP 2006 that saw him sail through in Omaha competitions, he took home $3,000 Omaha High-Low Split 8/Better he raked in $301,175. The 2007 WSOP cemented his mettle as a perspicacious player as he threw his hat in the $1,500 pot-limit Omaha that saw him wring out an additional $194,206. Besides, he has not concentrated on WSOP events solely as he played in the Canadian Open Championship in 2006 that saw him take home $250,000. Along the same lines, he played at the World Poker Tour North American Poker’s Classic to garner a whacking and mouth-watering $1,137,593. To this end, one cannot deny his distinction in the poker arenas as he has played to walk away with substantial bounty. In this vein, he is among the US poker pros that have played to fortify the country’s legacy in tapping gambling talent.

Clements’ overall live events earnings were rated to be above $4,300,000. It is estimated that his total eighteen cashes at the WSOP take a lion’s share in those winnings.