Russia showcases Tigre de Cristal Casino

On 11th Nov, 2015, Russia showcased Tigre de Cristal casino, situated in the Primary gambling place in Far East in Russia. The casino is the biggest in the nation and one of the very first to be spread out since the government cast out gambling adroitnesses across most of the country 6 years ago.
It is expected that the new casino is the very first of many in Tigre de Cristal gambling zone placed near Pacific port city of Vladivostok. Along Primorye, licensed gaming is also allowed by law in gambling zones in Altai Territory, West Siberia, Krasnodar Territory in Southern Russia, as well as Kaliningrad.
Tigre de Cristal had five-hundred slot machines as well as fifty gambling tables, and Russian press is advertising the newly made gaming region as Las Vegas on the Pacific. During the unveiling event, Craig Ballantyne, the Executive Director at G1 Entertainment, the casino owner, also came out keen about the brand new casino and how the development of the gaming zone must draw in a great variety in tourism-related investments.

At least $2 billion in investments are designed in Primorye region along with the Melco International Development, based in Hong Kong, leading the jut out to spring up casinos, entertainment centers, hotels and restaurants. Also a part of the development is Royal Time Primorye, Diamond Fortune Holdings and NagaCorp Ltd.
In spite of the opening of the brand new casino, people of Russia have come up with mixed feelings as how the country feels about gambling in recent times.