18 thoughts on “Review App WSOP for iPhone / iPpod Touch and Giveaway ( ended )”

  1. BSOP – this is an awesome video thnk u;)๎”๎€ฑ๎€ต๎€ต๎€ต๎€ต๎€ต๎€ต๎€ต๎€ต๎€ต๎€ต๎€ต๎€ต๎„Ž๎„Ž๎„Ž๎„Ž๎„Ž๎„Ž๎„Ž๎„Ž๎”ƒ๎Œ”๎„Ž๎„Ž๎Œ”๎Œ”๎Œ”๎Œข๎Œ˜๎Œ˜

  2. Your English, sir, is very very good! Well done, I say! Well done, indeed!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep filming, ยฉommentorio

  3. so you have an option to play online not for money right because my mom
    will kill me if gamble away money i just want to make sure lol ๐Ÿ™‚ oh and is
    the bracelet play for money too cause i want bracelet haha

  4. Biggest cash game is 5 mil. You gotta win the WSOP Main Event to unlock it.
    It also unlock lots of “High Stakes” tournaments, including The Tournament
    of Champions, which awards over 2 billion chips.

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