25 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption- Basic Texas Hold ‘Em Tips

  1. i gots a tip if it helps if you start off with a 2-7 off suit and your not
    the big blind i generally fold because thats is strategically the worst
    hand you can begin with (because you cant get a flush off of that or a
    straight and those are the lowest pairs you can achieve) and even with
    small blind you loose money but chances are your will not have a better
    hand so just give that money to the pot and save from loosing more

  2. WHAT IS SMALL BLIND AND BIG BLIND? What relevance does the cards in your
    hand have to so with the ones on the table?

  3. what a deush this guy… “thats just going out of my way… uhmmm”… yo
    guy why u even making these videos for then?

  4. No closer, im like a five year old, just do it randomly i stil won quite a
    bit but got bored

  5. this was no help, you get this information from the game, what do you do
    with the cards, what combanation of cards are stronger than other????

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