25 thoughts on “Real Life Scam: Poker”

  1. Why would they spot it? They’re poker players, not magicians. Plus it’s set
    up like it’s a casual game. If you’re playing a casual game you’re not
    gonna pay super close attention to how someone is shuffling just so you can
    spot a potential false shuffle.

  2. BULL SHIT players that good would notice it regardless what type of game
    they are playing an eye for detail on someone is always on its not like
    they shut their focus on and off and yeah what wolfmanwill said why
    wouldn’t they already have the decks on them theres just way to many things
    that don’t make sense, and if they are in the casino how can she act like a
    waitress and if they were in the casino there would be workers there

  3. its all well and good saying that this wouldnt happen if they didnt switch
    the deck or whatever but the truth is paul wilson can actually do this
    without a preset deck hes an extremely good accomplished cardician

  4. So the Hendon mob – as brilliant poker professionals as they may be – never
    recognised Paul Wilson, one of the world’s best poker cheats? Sorry, I’m
    not having that.

  5. Man shit.. I was suppose to reply to him but I pressed on your name
    accidentally. I don’t eve know why he i asking that kind of question

  6. Wow bro! Chill, he said in IRELAND! Not in the world! So go learn how to
    read ALL the details before saying crap like that!

  7. But this poker scam only works if you are not in a poker tournament. I
    don’t think there will be waitresses taking orders during poker tourny..
    The players also won’t take their eyes off the deck and the shuffler in a
    tourny I guess.

  8. Why did they change from the original false shuffle sequence at 1:03? this
    one is no-where near as deceptive.

  9. Notice the pros are way more worried about cheaters scaring players out of
    poker than they are about dealing with a cheater here and there.

  10. “not too high as they might smell a rat” One guy has the absolute best hand
    there is….. hahahaha ffs.

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