4 thoughts on “Poker VT Math Sample #2”

  1. I totally disagree… I mean his chance to catch is 35% IF HE GETS TO SEE
    TWO CARDS. However, if he misses the turn I can easily put in another bet
    on the turn that will make him pay dearly to see the river. So even if you
    include implied odds, a bet of 1/2 the pot to potsize (depending on playing
    styles and # of opponents) should be plenty enough.

  2. This is wrong, he is forgetting the turn bet on this calculations! 600 in a
    pot of 300? This is stupid… If you bet half pot, 150 in a 300 pot, he has
    1:3 odds, having less than 1:4 to get his flush on the turn. So, even a
    half pot bet is enough. Of course, if the flush card donĀ“t come on the
    turn, you should bet again, at least half pot…

  3. I totally desagree with you !!! If you are playing Texas or PLO we have one
    bet in the flop and another bet in the turn. Your expected value is OK if
    you are all in in the flop then you have 35 % with 2 cards coming.

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