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  1. This is bullshit that no one should buy. You don’t win $11,000 profit in 11
    minutes. That’s not profit. Profit is when you deduct your losses from your
    wins at the end of the month or year.

  2. I respect the earnestness of your reply, but your describing yourself as a
    “top poker professional” doesn’t mean anything. To me, a “professional
    poker player” is someone who earns either all or a huge, huge portion of
    their income from playing poker. Their bills and expenses are paid from
    poker winnings. Not side jobs or sponsorship deals or poker stakings. Kind
    of like a “professional” lawyer or doctor or architect. I think you get the

  3. Cashinpoker has its fair share of success stories of guys who have made it
    up the ranks. Although I understand some people will always be skeptical, I
    would like to let you know that the success of the site is due to three
    reasons: it is completely free, all the training material is made by me – a
    top poker professional, and finally, I’m giving any guy out there the
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    stakes level and join my team.

  4. Dis guy is sick for sharing dis for free. Ya need some business man like me
    to charge some seriouz bucks for dis ting ya na.

  5. According to a HighstakesDB Forum posting from 2010, entitled “Vaga Lion –
    the worst hit’n runner ever?” Hitting and running, because you don’t know
    how to play deep stake strategy seems to be a favorite thing of yours to
    do. Some other interesting things were said about you. I have the link, if
    you want to read it.

  6. Only a few players out there have proven strategies that result in
    consistent winnings over the long run. If it was so easy back in 2004, then
    all poker players would be millionaires today. The key is to learn how to
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  7. For all the talk I’m not completely convinced. I logged onto the main site
    to check out what all the fuss was about. Here to access this I was asked
    to give an email address to receive updates . I did this and have received
    nothing so far. So is this a scam to collect emails and names for marketing
    or is this genuine? You decide

  8. I’m a poker pro myself, but Rob seems to be a different level. How do I
    apply to become apart of his poker team? Will greatly appreciate an answer.

  9. You don’t apply. All u have to do is join his 3 Month membership by
    visiting his cashinpoker website. He will then contact u as long as u
    complete his membership successfully.

  10. Please check your junk folder, as there are some cases where an email
    provider marks certain emails it does not recognise as junk. Also, I must
    emphasise that your email will never be shared with a third party. Finally,
    if you experience any further problems, simply contact us. Hope this helps!

  11. According to this article from 2007 on the PokerStars Blog (written while
    you were at the 2007 WSOP), you started playing online poker around 2004!
    2004! If you did take $5 and never looked back, maybe you did. That’s
    because online poker was still kind of new – and the games were way, way,
    WAY softer back then! That’s almost 10 YEARS ago! You know as well as me,
    that you couldn’t do that today! The games are MUCH tougher to beat! LOL!

  12. He’s not interested in money. He’s already a semi retired millionaire. He
    just wants to build a team of poker champs to invest some huge money in.
    Lazy bum! 🙂 (John)

  13. Please join my 3 Month Membership program and there I will show you step by
    step how you can start very small and work your way up to the top. I
    understand you want more information, but it is not fair on those
    individuals who have taken the time and effort to sign up and show their
    commitment to making it big and joining the Rob Akery Elite Team. In life
    it is too easy to say, “that’s not possible”, but if you want to succeed,
    then always remember to focus your energy on “that is possible”.

  14. So, you borrowed $5 and never looked back? Is that what you’re saying?
    Because if it is, I don’t believe you. What stakes were you playing for $5?
    That’s not enough of a solid bankroll even for micro-stakes no-limit cash
    games. Did you play $1 sit and goes? What? Also, with variance being
    EXTREMELY high at the micro levels – be it cash or sit and goes – with the
    game being more like “no foldem”, there’s no way in hell, you took $5 and
    never looked back. Maybe, $50, that’s possible. But not $5.

  15. This is standard procedure for all testimonials being sent to us. The
    reason we do this is to prevent abusive language being used against those
    who simply want to share their success stories. Enabling comments wouldn’t
    change anything for me, but it is not fair to put those individuals who are
    willing to spread the word in an exposed position.

  16. this is all great and all, but already with QQ it could as well have ended
    with lets say flop of 2-2- and whatever, and game over! It always has to do
    with luck, not just skills… good videos though…

  17. I would like to then let you know that after being borrowed $5 to start my
    poker career, I never did anything else other than play online poker. I
    made my first million at the age of 21. Now, I am simply giving others the
    chance to do the exact same while also building a trusted poker network of
    top poker players who are willing to stake others for a small return. I
    guess I do not want to retire from poker completely and this is my way of
    creating a win – win situation for all.

  18. I LOVE YOU. I MEAN THAT. I REALLY DO. I’m killing it now and I wasn’t
    before. YOU’RE A LEGEND!

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