25 thoughts on “Poker Professional Greg Raymer share HOT Poker Tips”

  1. he got caught, so the fck what. everyone is so quick to point out the
    mistake of others without even fixing their own flaws. worry bout
    yourselves people. ain’t nobody in this world perfect. except matusow´╗┐

  2. Get on a fucking diet already if you want to be around for your 10yr
    anniversary win 2014…

  3. No victim = no crime moron. Nullify any law which violates the freedom of
    someone who has never violated the natural rights of anyone else.

  4. Soliciting for sex, IS A FUCCING CRIME!!! What part of HE WAS ARRESTED, you
    don’t understand?

  5. I dont think because he went soliciting a prostitute that Greg raynor is a
    bad guy.Check him out the first advice he gave was to only gamble what you
    can afford.Hes a nice guy for sure.

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