25 thoughts on “Poker Night 2 (XBLA) – HD Gameplay

  1. When GLaDOS suddenly appeared at the start of the tournament, everybody but
    Claptrap got scared. Instead, he said “habba-habba!”. We all know what this

  2. great day in the morning great day in the morning great day in the morning
    REALLY? REALLY? REALLY? ILL STAY IN CUZ IM CRAZY great day in the morning

  3. Dude!!! Ash, GLaDOS, Sam, and Brock? BEST THING SINCE STRONG BAD, HEAVY AND
    MAX!! Kinda sad Bruce isn’t voicing Ash. But, I guess the actor they got is

  4. Very fun looking game, but how long till the characters start to use the
    same conversations all over again.

  5. So by that logic, anything that could be reasonably called a “game” fits
    that description…even those “make your own adventure” books count by your

  6. My, my, not taking constructive criticism to heart are you? Suit yourself
    but, if you wish to make an ignorant ass out of yourself in the future with
    arguments that have nothing to do with the video, like what you’re doing
    now, you’re more than welcome to it. Have a good one =)

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