25 thoughts on “Poker Night 2: Unlimited money using Cheat Engine 6.2 (Infinite betting money/cash)

  1. I am confused, and need some help, because I cant get it to work. 18200 x
    512 is not equal to 1183723520, so why does it work when you add 20000 x
    512 to the 1183723520?

  2. Make sure you have it set to FLOAT, search for your current money, make a
    bet, switch screens before the game changes the display number (so the game
    “pauses”), then do another search for the amount less what you bet. It’s
    worked every time for me.

  3. Nope! This game isn’t on the Steam VAC list: store . steampowered .

  4. First, the balance tutorial worked like a charm. Second, do you think
    something has changed on steam’s end that restricts us from changing
    in-game balance per this tutorial of yours? You’re cool as hell for doing
    these simple tutorials, btw!

  5. I don’t post on Youtube much, didn’t realize it didn’t like my formatting
    😛 sorry it’s one big blob of text

  6. I’ve only been able to get Cheat Engine to work once. Never again has it
    found the Player’s cash. I have the game in a window side by side doing the
    exact same procedure Start game my turn to bet cheatengine open the process
    Unknown initial value First scan Bet Put the total raised x512 in CE
    Decreased value by Next scan It gave me a result only once, I locked the
    number, infinite money. Sweet, won the Necrocomicon finally. Now to try it
    again. Nope, always 0 results now Any ideas?

  7. Is it normal that the game just freezes and the opponent stares at me when
    i busted the other 3 out?

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