25 thoughts on “Poker Night 2: Table Conversations – Part 3: Army of Darkness Theme

  1. ash: nice shirt.
    brock: oh, thanks. yeah, I have to buy ’em in bulk. y’know, between the
    bloodstains and the ray-gun burns, I go through these things like jock
    itch in a frat house.
    ash: you should check out the Boo Franklin line of polo shirts at S-Mart.
    me: oh, that’s where I got my coat.
    brock: no offence, ash, but S-Mart’s not exactly known for quality
    ash: that’s the old S-Mart. these new Boo shirts have triple stitching
    around the seams and advanced stain-fighting microfibers. alcohol, vomit,
    blood – it all washes off like water on a goose’s butt.
    me: cool.
    brock: no kidding.
    ash: best of all, the Boo franklin polo shirts are made right here in the
    U.S.A., so you don’t have to worry about tanking the economy.
    me: O_O wait a second.
    brock: nice.
    ash: not just nice. smart. S-Mart.
    me: T_T you advertising son of a bitch! XD

  2. at around 11:00 the suggestion of doc venture in this game actually seems
    like it would be hilarious. cmon, with his BS cockiness it would be a

  3. GlaDoS actually mention’s poland 😀 and even some characters are related
    with my country. I feel so proud :D

  4. glados: santa destroy’s #1 assassin has run out of chips. travis:yeah, I
    think i’m goona head to the bathroom. I haven’t dropped a nice save in a
    while. plus I have a tittle to defend, so…*leaves table*

  5. gabe from penny arcade, carl from aqua teen hunger force, and the engineer.
    also all the veteran characters

  6. claptrap: you know, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you. travis:
    what would that be? claptrap: how did you make that little lightsaber of
    yours? travis: HEY! it’s called a beam katana. and I don’t make ’em. but a
    friend of mine makes them. claptrap: cool! can I get one? travis: I don’t
    think so. claptrap: god dammit.

  7. “WHAT! But then we couldent make the player start raging at his computer
    going ‘uggg i hate this’!”

  8. oh ya sorry. “I Prefer to let the humans kill themselves. is it my fault
    when they walk into a testing chamber that i conveniently filled with
    deadly nuro toxin?”

  9. no, no, no. he cuts off heads. besides, it would be more like a
    conversation between Travis, claptrap, and possibly brock. maybe even

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