25 thoughts on “Poker Night 2 – Steeve says Hehooo! Claptrap and GLaDOS from Portal”

  1. I will take a risk to say this: Glados said “And our silent friend has…”
    and then she said “the player wins” It’s like we are playing with Gordon
    Freeman and Glados knows that we are playing with him and because Gordon
    Freeman is a “man of few words” he doesn’t talk anything

  2. i was just cracking up with the part with Wheatley, but what the fluff was
    up with his voice?

  3. “A steroid freak with rage issues, a horny robot, a half witted cripple and
    a dog” Yeah, sums it up perfectly.

  4. i only heared him say one line, looking at the video again it’s easy to
    tell that’s NOT wheatley. i wonder who that is though… never saw him in
    the games

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  6. brock Samson, glados and the turrets from portal 1 and 2?!? wow. that’s
    some poker video game.

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