25 thoughts on “Poker Night 2 Gameplay Part 1”

  1. poker is so 5 years ago. if this game out then, it would have been crazy
    popular. I used to know so many people that loved poker so much they would
    waste hours on the fake money versions. Now i dont know a single person who
    plays any type of poker. And there used to be games goin on every night at
    someones house. personally i could not play a game in which i am unable to
    shoot claptrap (i dont care if it doesnt hurt him, its the thought that

  2. I feel like I’m actually learning how to play poker watching these videos.
    There really is more to this game than just fun geeky fanservice!

  3. Brock forgot to mention Hilary when he was listing men’s names that become
    women’s names. …. I am so not kidding. Hilary used to be a dude’s name.

  4. One of my challenges is to win a showdown when two opponents are all in. I
    can only get one to go all in at a time. Help?

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