25 thoughts on “Poker Night 2 – Brock Samson Attacked By Steve”

  1. Everyone keeps saying, “Poor Steve.” They should be saying, “Lucky Steve.”
    Why? Because Brock has killed a lot of men for a lot less than what Steve
    did. Steve is lucky that it was just a few punches.

  2. How do i download the borderlands rewards i pressed x to download it
    multiple times and got nothing

  3. Too bad Zer0 didn’t have a part in this game. He could have just dropped a
    decoy and ran like hell.


  5. That was pretty tame for a Brock beating. Usually the victim is lucky if he
    hasn’t had half his blood punched out.

  6. Nope, let me explain, if u have another scene (when you have chips,cards
    and table of one type of game) the firts player eliminated will be
    aliminated with a special effect (borderlands: steve shooting with the
    bazuca, sam & max: all except sam will be attacked by max, Venture Bros:
    will be teleported out of the table by a machine. Army of darkness: I have
    no idea yet :3, Portal: Not idea too :3)

  7. random. it should happen to at least 1 person per a game though. I have
    another video of Ash getting hit but it is not nearly as funny.

  8. Christ, why does a 360 version even exist? The only real reason to play
    this is for the TF2 items.

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