25 thoughts on “Poker Lesson – Playing the Player – Finding the Fish!”

  1. Interesting what you had to say about unimaginative screen names. I shall
    look out for that

  2. I also do other things regulary to show other people that i m a bad player.
    People are more willing to put money in pot when playing with me :)

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  4. damn il never b a good player, because my online name follows wat he says
    in this video

  5. great vid, mate. I’m trying to make this more a part of my game instead of
    just hitting auto seat!

  6. Here’s a list of fish according to this video: Isildur1 Jungleman12 Trex313
    theASHMAN103 Jeans89 cottonseed1 Sauce123 Bttech86 Ben86

  7. thats only thing you said that is write sit as close to the left to the
    donk as possible thats only thing he said right.

  8. Thanks dude! i made like 400 quid with 50 investment. thanks a lot for your
    strategies. A good very info.

  9. I always thought people liked these comments just to be funny, but after
    seeing them so much, you just know that the people are just Smurfs for the

  10. wrong less then 100 bbs i know peple think that so i play less then 100 bbs
    to get action from idiots like you. Whats your ptr name

  11. in most cases it is true, the style that most professional poker players
    play are extremely retarded and fishy. They make it work and are extremely
    successful. But in most cases, this video is very true…

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