8 thoughts on “Poker lesson 4/8: Learn how to calculate odds and use position

  1. If you remember the players who do play those odds… u can make their
    value even worse. Which means they’ll hit their set and force the opponent
    to fold and win a small pot.. But will loose a big pot if they get trapped

  2. If your down to two people preflop and you re-raise their pocket 8’s … u
    should fold most good players unless they are making a move. But ofc with
    what he is saying you need more people in the pot to call to have 8’s so
    really that hand shouldnt be there unless they are a weak player.

  3. Again, I’m baffled. Concerning 3:00 – in what sense does one have an out
    with AQ against pocket eights in that scenario? One would need running
    cards (AA, QQ, AQ, A5) to win against pocket 8’s.

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