25 thoughts on “Poker Face – Igor Presnyakov

  1. “I dumb?” You didn’t capitalize the “Y” in the word “you” and you didn’t
    put a period after “Igor” but instead, put a comma, which is not properly
    written English. I suggest before you criticize people you don’t know, you
    look at yourself. Why are you so mad anyway about a typing (not spelling)
    error? Seems you have a lot of time on your hands.

  2. and your a dick my good sir …now tell me one thing could you play better
    than this fine gentalman…i highly doubt it hes doing what he loves
    playing music and haveing a great time rather than wasteing away by
    insulting the talented just cause in reality have no life and no gutar
    skill like you and if you had a musical bone in your body youd be less
    misserable and enjoy that he made a really crappy song into somthing kinda
    awsum 😀

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