25 thoughts on “Poker Face Glee Cast feat. Idina Menzel

  1. It makes sense though; this is the second time they meet, and the first
    time they did the poker face charade very well, but now they really have to
    face the music (pun not intended!) by being real with each other: they need
    to drop their poker faces, and admit that’s it’s not true that “she’s got
    to love nobody.” =D And it’s still a big gamble for them for the obvious
    reason that molding what would be such an intimate relation could go
    horribly wrong as it almost went the first time.

  2. I love this song but I still think it makes NO SENSE in the context of the
    plot. Rachel picks one song to sing with her long lost mother and
    it’s…Poker Face? Lol. I still love what they did though. XD

  3. @lilkiller08 Make her say [ poke her face ] is Kid Cudi song, and the
    instrumental is from poker face [ no Gaga’s version ]

  4. “i’m motherless i’m motherless i’m motherless SO MOTHERLEEE HESSSS”
    lmfaooooooooooo its okay rachel she still loves you lmfao.

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