8 thoughts on “Poker Chip Trick Shuffle 101

  1. it went ok 1 or 2 times, i can do it with five, hardly with six, havent
    tried it with seven, with 8 just 2 or 3 times..

  2. i fucking did it!. i used 16 chips in total. 8 in each. i spent 1 hour to
    get to do that. im happy! 🙂

  3. i like this video,.. too many people try to emphasize the middle finger,..
    you do have to use it, but you use it as a finishing touch. You barely need
    to use it to add the last shuffle to it. The key to shuffling all lies with
    the pressure of the thumb and the pinky finger.

  4. Yeah but it looks like you’re using real clay chips. Squared off composite
    chips require that you use your middle finger to lift the chips.

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