25 thoughts on “Poker After Dark Season 7 Episode 9 – HD”

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  2. Prime numbers are those which can be divided by themselves and one. 4 can
    be divided by one and itself, in addition to that it can be divided by two,
    so it’s not a prime number.

  3. did somebody find the videos about “folding wars” laak talks about? i only
    found the short stack survival strategy (which was good btw)

  4. I understand your thinking but he didn’t check to make it look like a draw
    he just hated his kicker on the flop and when the ace fell he decided on
    the turn he was just going to fold to a large bet. If this is the way he
    plays he just should avoid K10 offsuit

  5. Yes, you’re completely correct! You know what makes this even more
    embarassing? I actually have an A grade in A-Level Mathematics :p

  6. Howard Lederer’s expression at 22:39, check it out. The game was good,
    Busquet doesnt belong at the table and its obvious. He is a good player but
    takes many knocks easily by the slick pros used to being at the table,
    Elezra and Peat.

  7. There’s something about Howard Lederer going on about integrity that just
    makes me laugh. I’m sure the thousands of unpaid full tilt players, love
    hearing about your “integrity”

  8. It is even, and it only divisible by 2 and itself. So it is even and
    prime…unless I am being a total maths noob?

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