25 thoughts on “Poker After Dark s06e07”

  1. lederer and all the other older guys in the poker game play like such
    pusses. its so easy for these younger guys to read em, jeeze. except
    elezra, thats an old guy who can hang with the new generation.

  2. i would drag my testicles through a mile of broken glass just to have
    leeanne fart in my face.

  3. where are all this people now playing big cash?no money from us
    fulltiltplayers anymore..no sponsorship.so they can not play against each
    other this stacks-

  4. One reason why phil ivey is a better player than tom dwan is because of the
    way he can control his mood. Go look at any video’s of phil ivey, if he’s
    winning or losing, his mood is always the same. You notice tom dwans mood
    change dramatically. This probably explains all the swings he’s had.

  5. Ivey raised infront of him a lot. In that spot you have to decide whatever
    to raise or to fold. you can’t really call here. If someone raises preflop
    a lot there are a lot of hands possible which AJ is terrible against. AQ,
    AK, QQ, KK , AA even JJ. And Howard called in early position which is often
    very strong. Howard is typically a tight player. so he might have a huge
    hand here. With all that in mind AJ is really a bad hand to play here. It
    wasn’t the case here because we see the cards. but..

  6. at 5:45 it looks like Patrick Antonuis checks out the drink girl as she is
    walking away…

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  8. Why are people bashing the people questioning Antonius on the aj fold? It
    was a bad fold. If he thought he got a tell he was wrong and if he didn’t
    he was wrong. I don’t have to be a professional poker player to mock that
    anymore than I have to be a professional soccer player to mock the footage
    of a goalie letting the ball roll into the goal after blocking the shot.

  9. 40:43 – That is funny – ”howard lederer has even gone to capital hill to
    defend the rights of poker players”

  10. Tom Dwan really started to play scared money and checking the last few eps.
    I thought with all the profit he’d be even more aggressive.

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