25 thoughts on “Poker After Dark S02E31 Live To Hurt

  1. “If Mike has a good hand then he wants Negreanu to call!” No fucking shit.
    Man, Laak is so fucking annoying it’s unreal.

  2. Somewhat ironic that Chris Ferguson’s message of ‘never playing out of his
    bankroll’ is brought to you by the PPA. The very people who were
    bankrolling him without knowing. Chris, buddy. I want to flick your ears
    and put chewing gum in your hair. The really sticky kind.

  3. Good lay down by daniel. Watching him here though, I’m thinking he’s the
    most unlucky player I’ve ever seen (sorry Mike). Everytime he has a big
    hand, someone else can crush him.

  4. Look at Matasow when Daniel says ‘I had a set. (the hand with the 222)’
    he’s in shock he didn’t get paid off.

  5. You’re a moron, it makes no sense to restrict your comment to this episode
    and then say “the most unlucky player I’ve ever seen” – it’s either he got
    unlucky in this episode or he is unlucky in general, your statement
    directly indicates the latter. You are just back peddeling because you said
    something moronic. You should learn to admit you are wrong, it makes you
    look weak and pathetic if you cannot.

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