25 thoughts on “Poker After Dark e73 – 6 June 2012 – PAD $200k Cash Game

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  2. also the reason Dwan/ Ivey didn’t win was because the deck was hitting
    Openheim smack in the face. he hit every flop, made flushes, overpairs on
    dry boards etc. and always had the best hand. there’s only so much you can
    do as a great player v someone running so good. plus Oppenheims no mug
    anyway. lesser player would have lost more. when you are running bad good
    players lose the least and win the most when running good 🙂

  3. no, this table is really tough. you realise a ‘simple c bet’ doesn’t work
    against great players. for example Phil Ivey calls Openheims check raise
    with just a pair of 3’s on the 755 flop in case he has a flush draw or a
    bluff with 2 overs or something to see if he shuts down on the turn. the
    reason they check is because a) multi way pot v tough players who don’t
    like to fold if they think they are ahead. or b) it doesn’t connect with
    their pre flop raising range and more with their opponents.

  4. that. there was many big pots that could of been won with a simple C bet.
    most of them gaven up by viffer and curly. a new age online pro could of
    made a ton of money at this table. not sure what phil and tom was doing

  5. Viffer and Antonius look like twin brothers sitting next to each other…
    if one brother lived in a nuclear reactor with a 24 hour buffet in it.

  6. What did they say to Doyle? “You have 100 seconds to reel off as many
    cliches and poker mottos as possible… GO!”

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