14 thoughts on “Playing Position at Full Tilt Poker

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  3. good example of playing position, whether or not people agree or disagree
    with it, one always has to figure out the best play for each situation
    anyways, again, it’s a good explanation and example of playing position.

  4. He used position and had enough chips that if someone came over the top of
    him he could easily lay it down. Even if somebody just calls him he can
    slow it down and check fold the turn. The most important part of using
    position to steal a pot is being able to back down when somebody gives you
    resistence. Easily fold the turn unless you put them on a draw and then
    maybe you can bet the turn, but always have enough chips to be able to fold
    if you need to.

  5. and what happens if i check a set? it is quite dangerous and quite
    frequently late position will bluff if checked to them..this move is almost
    expected.. i suggest don’t follow this clown..

  6. Turtleknife this play does work sometimes but I think it gets you into more
    trouble than its worth sometimes

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