25 thoughts on “Phil Ivey vs Gavin Smith – Part2”

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  3. no he doesnt actually play in as many tournaments as he can. there is no
    reason for him to do so because he already has so much money. the bracelets
    dont mean that much to him because he is already considered by many to be
    the best poker player in the world. winning tournaments doesnt mean
    anything because there is so much variance in poker and especially in
    tournaments. that is why a lot of the winners of the WSOP Main Event were
    thought to be flukes. ivey only plays to win bracelet bets.

  4. Wow phil shows so much control of his emotions, if that fat idiot called me
    a dumbass, i would have just jumped at him…

  5. you are very mistaken if you think poker at this level is 70% luck. A good
    player will make a lot of money when he gets lucky, a bad player will not.
    And phil ivey would probably beat you (or me) more than 95/100 times in
    full games

  6. most favourite episode of poker after dark everrrrr… canadians like to
    drink… we can get drunk AND pwn the best in the world

  7. That wasnt bad play by Ivey, considering he had less chips and had a good
    hand (for heads up). But Gavin played trips well

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