25 thoughts on “Phil Ivey vs Gavin Smith – Part1”

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  3. haha, gavin talks and Ivey doesn’t really care of him, ivey must think
    “what a drunk fish”.

  4. I love gavin. He is a great player. People talks a lot of shit about him.
    But he is great!

  5. God, I love this match. I’ve watched it several times, Gavin is the FUCKING
    MAN. He is funnier here then ANY comedien out there. ”Thats why you’re as
    good as you are. Im as lucky as Phil..Pay me my 18,900. Ok, gimme the whole
    amount! THEN lets play it! Ship it!” Its possible that Ivey is the better
    player, but I’ll watch Gavin Smith all day long!

  6. @6:35 ivey goes to muck when he hears nut flush and pulls his cards back
    lol any one see that ?

  7. ah fuck! it’s a diamond! bellissimo…cmq nemmeno ivey aveva colore ed era
    possibile anche la scala da parte di smith… secondo me ha fatto male a
    vedere (s. ha puntato meta’ del pot) pero’ mi e’ piaciuto la sua overbet
    quando aveva i 10 poket (04.14)facendo credere che bluffava.

  8. BAHAHAHA GAVIN SMITH IS DA BOMB. This is the best personality to bring to
    poker. It makes your opponent PIST OFF> BOOYEA

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