25 thoughts on “Phil Ivey On Poker Strategy”

  1. His best asset is he changes up his style before anyone realized he’s
    changed. He languished in low limit poker for years before he broke
    through….I advise playing 1-2 NL 300max for practice. Have a roll of 2k
    and dont bat an eyelash if you lose it.

  2. Ivey’s point is well made. If it’s your intention to learn and get better
    at poker your wasting your time grinding the micro’s. The micro’s only
    serve to learn the basics, play micro poker for 6 months or a year, get
    comfortable, then inject some real money and play $50-$200 buy-in cash
    games. then you’ll really start to ‘learn’ the game!

  3. Ivey was sponsored by Full Tilt and not actually directly involved in the
    scandal. Once Ivey found out that Full Tilt was not returning players
    funds, he did not actually play the WSOP that year(since he was being
    sponsored by Full Tilt). Ivey actually HAS a character and is one of the
    few players that I respect.

  4. Ivey’s strategy mainly depended on how much money he was stealing from Full
    Tilt and its customers.

  5. Win a few tournament and get rich and everyone thinks your God. You never
    have to play your own money ever again. The sponsors will stake you in
    every tournament and your TV appearances will keep you in gambling money.
    These guy don’t impress me. But I still hope that they stay on top and are
    smart with their money.

  6. Ivey puts on his poker face all the time, not even a little smile when he
    talks about his biggest moment in poker !

  7. I know it…that’s probably why he’s so good. he don’t let nothing get to
    him. little emotion.

  8. Is he on a bubble gum card? How can you claim he is great if he is not on a
    bubble gum card?

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