25 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth Explodes

  1. thats the way you feel when your robbed…i hate getting beat on the
    river,,,crack up!!…i think hes funny..

  2. i dont get it? phil usually goes crazy and that was a pretty sick hand.
    anyone would have acted the way he did how could u not

  3. A min raise on the river. How can he be bluffing though? Unless this was a
    limit game, but i assume this is a no limit game. Hard to bluff by just min
    raising on the river…but i gues Hoyt is capable of anything. lolol

  4. I’m not a fan of the Pokler Brat…but to win on running 7’s, you have to
    ask yourself “What the hell was Hoyt doing here?”

  5. Right, a min-raise on the river is pretty much never a bluff. But at the
    same time, if you try to outsmart the other guy by saying, “he only
    min-raised, he must want a call, so I’m going to fold,” you set yourself up
    to get bluffed later on. Plus he really can’t put Hoyt on running 7’s
    helping him. Basically, if he thinks there’s a 1 in 5 chance that Hoyt is
    bluffing him, or value-betting a worse hand even, he has to call.

  6. what the fuck ist phil wearing? a macintosh ? he looks fucking ugly in
    this…well, he actually always does…

  7. It was hardly a bluff, he flopped top pair with a decent kicker. Presumably
    he would have bet the flop and turn and Hoyt must have called twice. It was
    bad play by Hoyt and he got lucky.

  8. Phils such a winey cunt….i suppose hes prob made more money for being
    knwon as the poker brat…but these things happen all the time..u dnt c
    some of the top level players and amateurs crying like a bitch…..and the
    funny thing is he smiles and laughs when he gives others beats,,,,like stop
    crying u piece of crap.

  9. P. Hellmuth is one of the most hated pros in poker, especially when he
    loses, i can see why he did that be, he wanted hoyt to believe he had a
    straight, Hoyt called his bluff, and Phil paid for it. I’m glad he lost
    that hand.

  10. uh sure it is, running cards, like 77 in this case, is a bad beat. look
    even with the the first 7 J7 is behind so the last remaing cards in the
    deck to win the hand with is 7 or 7 so 2 outs that makes about 4% and thats
    a bad beat fpr sure..and know ask urself who is the amatuer! NO. Youy
    understand NOTHING about texas holdem. Now go back to play money

  11. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, lol. That was an Epic Fail. “one of the most
    hated pros” hated by who? viewers?

  12. Poker inside magazine, and bluff Europe magazine. On sky poker tv here in
    europe when fans were asked who would they love to beat, phil hellmuths
    name is mention way too many times, because they HATE him. He’s an asshole
    of assholes

  13. Are you dumb? A running 8-10 would mean the board is 9-2-6-8-10 Hoyt would
    win the hand with a jack high straight over Phil’s pair of nines.

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