14 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth Best Hand! ROYAL FLUSH! Best Poker Plays”

  1. So ametuer bro, the pro’s don’t read the obvious reads because they could
    just be trying to communicate false reads. Like if someone nervously looks
    down at their chips, they are probably doing it to try and make you think
    they are weak, Or even the opposite to that because they might think that
    you will pick up on it.

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  3. Why does Fergy check aces when it’s blind checked to him on the flop?Seems
    like a -ev play vs a player like hellmuth

  4. He didn’t really give anything away – poker pros at Phil/Chris’ caliber
    know that checking your hole cards when a flush comes in is a super rookie
    move. Pros don’t need to check their suits to know they have it — Phil
    knew he got there. Pros are more likely to use it as a reverse tell to get
    ppl to think that they aren’t sure if the flush hit them and make it seem
    like their bluffing when they raise or bet out. Regardless, the diamond
    came on the river so 0% Chris calls anyway.

  5. i think the pause was meant to make ferguson think he was after 1 more
    diamond, so if ferguson paired anything (the aces in this case he did) then
    he would call or re-raise.

  6. phil just gave it away at 0.46 by looking at his cards straight after the
    turn hit.. then getting chips

  7. He actually would have gotten a call on the river had it not been a
    diamond. It’s funny how getting a royal flush caused him to miss out on
    some money.

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