25 thoughts on “Patrik Antonius gets Angry about Ruling in Premier Poker League – String Bet?”

  1. Patrik has nothing to be angry about. He shouldnt have snap called, he
    should have waited. It was clear that daniel made a mistake there.

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  3. yeah jungelmann is one of the best on the world heads up,but not
    LIVEEEEEEEEE just online and not even that,,,,PATRICK IS A MONSTER
    LIVE,,,,,,, JUNGELMAN play it to scary u can see he is shake in and take
    chips back,,,,AMATUER TOTAL….

  4. “I actually didn’t see what happened.”

    Oh really? You didn’t? You didn’t see what happened even though you’re the

  5. I’m no professional, but never have I ever made a string bet in my life and
    I play regularly in leagues. This guy is simply an idiot for not verbally
    stating “all-in” before putting his stacks in one at a time. Like, what the
    hell are you thinking? Nobody does that. And some of you are saying he’s a
    pro… I’ve never heard of him before. He’s affiliated with some no-name
    poker room.

  6. well when you play poker for a living the amount of hands they play live
    and online every year its bound to happen eventually there human

  7. No idea? Guess you don’t realise that the other commentator is one of the
    best mtt player in the world…

  8. Tnen why does Cates say that he was moving all in? I agree completly with
    Antonius.. The Dealer fucked up.. And the Roling was horrible. Thats how i
    see it

  9. He placed chips in the middle before announcing his bet. First movement was
    chips in the middle, therefore, that is the bet. If he says all-in at that
    point or moves more chips in, then he is string betting.

  10. If the dealer had pulled off this same scenario, and the supervisor agreed
    to this ruling on a 22775 board, Antonius would have shut up. Now he won
    the flip he starts moaning. If you’re gonna moan, fine. But do it before
    the cards are dealt

  11. patrik said ‘i thought you were all in’ the dude said ‘i am all in’
    therefore he was ‘all in’ or am i wrong ?

  12. actually cates intended to go all in and was about to string bet. i cant
    tell if vanessa was being serious or making a joke. if she was being
    serious she knew he was going to string bet. if she was joking then it was
    ironic. not sure what patrik was thinking or who he was blaming

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