25 thoughts on “Party Poker Premier League Poker IV EP15”

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    100 percent reward up to six-hundred us dollars

  2. glad you find it funny but if you watch him play, you see that he calls the
    other guys hands, knows he’s loosing but still calls. In this game he keep
    going for it when he didn’t need to as its a point system way different to
    tournament. the man is class love watching him play just would love to see
    him win more tournaments

  3. negreanu is a great player but he has to learn to slow down at times, save
    the chips.

  4. This has to be the best and most entertaining poker Ive ever had the
    privelige to watch, full of funny quips and great hands that twist and
    turn, enthralling and the best game ive ever seen.

  5. I clicked you up before watching the vid (because he is). Now I’ve seen it,
    I want to click you up again.

  6. Luke i just putting on this act to try make him last longer in his poker
    life. Kind of acting like Tony G but ofc not working at all.

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